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Monthly Focus – Parasite Awareness

Spring is here in Squamish, and with the warmer weather we routinely see a spike in the number of animals affected by both external and internal parasites.

Common external parasites of dogs and cats include:
• fleas
• ticks
• lice
• mites

Ticks and fleas are visible with the naked eye, but can easily go unnoticed in animals with long coats. Ticks in the Squamish area have the ability to carry and transmit Lyme Disease.  Fleas can be very prolific infesting your pets coat as well as your home and can also be carriers of tapeworms. Mites and lice can cause itchy or irritated skin.

Internal parasites found in the Squamish area include:
• roundworm
• hookworm
• whipworm
• tapeworm
• giardia

Internal parasites have the ability to cause gastro-intestinal problems in our pets and some pose a public health risk as they can be transmitted to people. Children are at higher risk for contracting internal parasites as they are transmitted by the fecal oral route.

Parasites are treatable and, in most cases, problems can be avoided with routine preventative parasite control using a variety of safe and effective products carried at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital.

All of our pets are at some risk for internal and external parasites.
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“I brought Indy to Dr. Honey and was immediately impressed by his knowledge and his friendly, enthusiastic nature. Dr. Honey’s love for animals is obvious, and I have absolute faith in his professionalism. I also have respect for Dr. Honey’s involvement in the Squamish community. He has a passion for mountain culture and has deep roots in this town. It is reassuring to know Dr. Honey will always be here and that he has known my dogs throughout their lives.”
– Mark S


GVH will  conduct weekly draws during the month of April for a 3-month supply of flea or flea/tick control for a dog and a cat. Drop by the clinic to enter!!!

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