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Near Total Eclipse of the Sun Morning of August 21 2017

The eclipse of the sun on August 21st will be visible from Squamish. While we are not in the path of the ‘umbra’ (locations on the earth where all of the sun but its corona will be covered by the moon) 80-90% of the sun will be covered at 10:21am tomorrow! It will be quite spectacular and Squamish will not experience an event like this again until the year 2771!
For people, we need to take precautions about viewing the eclipse (special glasses or pinhole cameras) to prevent retinal damage. In addition, we should be prepared for the increased darkness and possible changes in wind patterns that could occur.
Pets are not considered at risk for visual damage; they seem to inherently know not to look directly at the sun. Still, it would be considered a good precaution to keep pets indoors. This can help shield them from the anxiety they might experience due to sudden darkening of daytime skies, changes in wind patterns and anxiety related to encountering groups gathered to witness the eclipse.
Enjoy the eclipse tomorrow. It looks like the clear weather will allow us to fully appreciate this phenomenon!
Dr. Tom Honey

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