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the benefits of pet insurance

The Benefits of Pet Insurance


At Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital, we believe pet well being starts with preventive care. Pet health insurance greatly enhances pet health by allowing for regular check ups and procedures. At the same time, insurance gives clients the peace of mind knowing that in case of emergency, they will be able to consider a full spectrum of treatment options without the stress of financial considerations.



Thank you for all of the excellent care and kindness you and all of the staff have given Charlie, from his multiple ear infections as a puppy to these last two knee surgeries, and for the pet insurance advice, it sure helped to give my furry boy, the best care possible. I can’t imagine another vet office that he will love to go to so much!
– Louise
We have a dog and two cats, and have PetSecure insurance for all three. When they get sick or hurt, worrying about our fur kids is so stressful! We’re so glad that worrying about treatment costs isn’t part of it.
– name withheld
We chose pet insurance after our black lab tore her cruciate ligaments and required surgery – this was an expense we had not expected. Five years later, Nikki came into our lives. We chose to be smart and safe by getting pet insurance. My husband and I love our animals unconditionally and having a monthly payment for a “just in case” has been very beneficial.
– the Mehan Family
Less than a month after adopting Tess from the SPCA, she had health issues. After several vet visits, tests, and an operation, we thought she was “out of the woods”. Wrong! A week and a half later, she needed an emergency after-hours visit. We were so relived to not only have a fantastic vet and a loving staff at GVH, but that we were covered by PetSecure.
– Amber Mitchell
During an annual check-up, it was discovered Patch had a heart murmur. Blood work indicated she also had hyper thyroid condition. A few weeks after treatment, Patch’s thyroid function is normal and her heart murmur is improving! This experience highlights for me the benefit of having regular check ups. I am very thankful to Dr. Honey, his staff and their practice of regular check ups for our pets.
– Helen Graham
Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital