How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth

Doctor’s Instructions for Pet Teeth Brushing

Remember, daily brushing is best!



Doctor’s Instructions for Daily Brushing

For best results, brush daily as this can eliminate the daily accumulation of plaque before it turns to much more resilient tartar.
To most effectively brush your pet’s teeth:

• use either a finger toothbrush or pet-specific toothbrush such as CET’s Dual Ended toothbrush

• only brush the outer surface of the teeth (the surface facing the cheek and lips)

• apply a small amount of pet-specific toothpaste to the brush

• start at the back of the mouth or at the front

• work your way around your pet’s mouth, adding more toothpaste as needed

• brush all top teeth in a downward motion (away from the gum)

• brush the bottom teeth in an upward motion (avoid touching the gum as much as possible)

• be sure to get the very back teeth as this is where tartar typically forms most quickly.