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feline health

Monthly Focus – Feline Health

Monthly Focus – Feline Health Cats are notorious for hiding illness, and owners may not be aware their cat is sick until the illness becomes critical. [column-group] [column] Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital’s core mission is disease prevention. We believe annual check ups provide two important health benefits for your pet: Check ups allow us to keep vaccines current…

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Monthly Focus – Pet Dental Care

Monthly Focus – Pet Dental Care Pet dental care has improved the lives of more pets than any other advance in the field of routine veterinary care in the last 50 years.   [column-group] [column] During the month of December, Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital is focusing on pet dental care. Oral health is an extremely important…

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Dr Tom Honey

GVH Staff voted Friendliest in Squamish!

I was so pleased when our staff  were selected “Friendliest Staff” in the Chief Readers Choice Awards.   The friendly appearance that each and every one of the staff projects is completely genuine and not just for the public eye. This caring and compassionate attitude extends  to every aspect of patient care anywhere in the…

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