Feline Myths and Facts

Feline Myths and Facts

There are common misconceptions about feline health, test your knowledge in the myths and facts below!



Some cats become anxious when being transported to see their veterinarian and this in turn is stressful for you as their loving owner. However, there are many things both you and your veterinarian can do to make these visits as pleasant as possible.

Myth: Cats are healthier and experience fewer health problems than dogs.

Fact: Cats are not inherently more healthy; they require annual wellness exams just as much as dogs do. In addition, cats are notorious for hiding illness. Owners may not be aware their cats are sick until the illness has become critical and requires longer and more extensive treatment.


Myth: Cats show signs of being sick just like dogs do.

Fact: Both dogs and cats are good at hiding signs of illness. Cats are particularly adept at hiding the symptoms of poor health. Regular examinations are the best way to maintain your pet’s health.


Myth: Health problems come from outside and do not affect indoor pets.

Fact: Even pets with no outdoor exposure are susceptible to illness and disease.


Myth: Veterinary visits are more stressful for cats than dogs.

Fact: While some cats may become anxious when being transported to the veterinary hospital, there are many steps you can take to minimize stress. In addition, Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital implements a variety of procedures to support a stress-free environment. These things together can lead to a much calmer cat visit.

Myth:  Cats are more self sufficient than dogs.

Fact: Cats and dogs require the same amount of attention. Food, water, a clean litter box and regular veterinary care are vital factors contributing to a healthy cat!
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