Diagnostic Lab Testing

Helping us learn more about your pet's health

Diagnostic Lab Testing

We perform a broad range of diagnostic lab tests at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital. These tools help us successfully diagnose and best treat patients suffering from health problems ranging from common to obscure.

In-house blood analyzers allow us to quickly obtain diagnostic test results. We can then promptly commence appropriate therapy and treatment. We also conduct urine analysis in-house, which provides us with more accurate and timely results.

With theses benefits, we can perform routine or emergency surgery knowing your pet’s organs are functioning properly and no hidden health conditions exist that could put your pet at risk while under a general anesthetic. Detecting any abnormalities pre-surgery allows us to alter the anesthetic procedure or take other precautions to safeguard your pet’s health.

In addition to our in-house diagnostic equipment, we also work closely with an external laboratory and pathologist for more specialized diagnostic tests in Squamish.