Providing your pet safe, comfortable and life saving treatment.


Most pets will undergo surgery at some point during their lives. Even a procedure that is considered routine carries risks and is never taken lightly. We use modern anesthetic techniques and vet surgery protocols that meet the same rigid standards that apply in human hospitals.

Pet surgery has advanced in many ways over the years and we offer many options to help your pet feel comfortable. The anesthetic and pain management protocol is always tailored to each animal’s individual needs. As animal technology advances, routine surgery procedures become less invasive, which in turn promotes faster healing.

Animal Surgery Protocol

During an anesthetic procedure, a Registered Animal Health Technologist monitors your pet. In addition, we have advanced monitoring equipment, which continuously measures your pet’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature and ECG. This information is transferred wirelessly to our computer and is attached to your pet’s medical file.

Maintaining an acceptable body temperature is essential to a safe and smooth anesthetic. Your pet is kept on a temperature controlled, warm water circulation blanket for the duration of the procedure. This provides a safe and efficient way to control body temperature during and after surgery.

Surgical instruments are sterilized in-house using an autoclave between procedures.