Pet Dental Health

Monthly Focus – Pet Dental Health

Pet dental care has improved the lives of more pets than any other advance in the field of routine veterinary care in the last 50 years.


During the month of December, Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital is focusing on pet dental care. Oral health is an extremely important contributor to the overall health of companion animals. In fact, if dental care is received as needed throughout their lives, smaller dogs and cats can live 15–20% longer, and larger dogs can live 10–15% longer.


Did you know? 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over age 3 have some degree of periodontal disease. Click here for signs of dental disease in your pet.


During the month of December, all pets we see at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital will receive a COMPLIMENTARY dental kit and a tailored dental home care plan outlining all the things you can do at home to preserve your pet’s oral health.


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Be sure to enter our monthly draw! For December, we are offering the chance to win a beautiful gift basket for your pet generously donated by Petsecure Health Insurance. Drop by Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital to enter the draw.