Puppy Socialization Class

Free & fun for owners & puppies!

Puppy Socialization Class

Our COMPLIMENTARY puppy socialization classes are for our clients only and provide a safe place for your puppy to socialize with other puppies, people and situations, and are an excellent opportunity to gain valuable information about your puppy’s care.

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Benefits of Puppy Socialization Class

Preferably done in your puppy’s critical early developmental stage, socialization and positive reinforcement strengthens your bond with your puppy, and helps them grow into well-adjusted pets. Puppy classes at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital in Squamish provide a safe and controlled environment for establishing optimal behavioural wellness.

Additional benefits of our classes

  • Receive tips and information on topics such as house training, obedience training, nail trimming and teeth brushing
  • Ask questions of your veterinarian, Dr. Honey, Dr. Thatcher or Dr. Seguin who conduct the puppy classes
  • Meet other Squamish puppy owners
  • Have fun

Safe & Healthy Fun

All puppies that come to our classes must be clients of Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital in order to verify they are healthy and current on vaccinations and parasite control. This ensures pet owners that there is virtually no chance of problems with contagious disease.

Classes are every Thursday from 6pm – 7pm.