Signs your cat loves you!

🐱If you own a cat you know that more often than not they prefer to go about their day independently. And although it may seem as though your only purpose is to feed them, they love you as much as you love them, guaranteed. Here are 5 signs that your cat loves you. 

  1. They make you bread. Well, maybe not in the traditional sense, but the paw motion that symbolizes kneading dough can be seen as a sign of love. In fact, almost all theories around kneading with cats have to do with comfort and affection. 
  2. It shows in the tail. Typically, a curved tip of the tail is a sign of a friendly greeting and an invitation to interact with them. Additionally, an even greater sign of affection is if your cat begins to wrap its tail around you. 
  3. The everlasting blink. Cats show their deep trust for you through the “slow blink”. This long, drawn-out blink in the middle of gazing at you is a sign of connection, trust, and affection. Next time you notice this everlasting blink, return the gesture by slowly blinking back at them. 
  4. If your cat has chosen your lap to sit on, they could be displaying signs of trust and affection. Especially if you notice the almost vibrate sound of purring. Looking at your cat as a whole and noticing that they may be purring contently can be a form of communication to indicate affection and love. 
  5. They bring you gifts. Cats can be known to give non-traditional gifts such as the “catch of the day”, whether we choose to view these gifts as joyful or distasteful, it’s important to remember the intent behind the gesture. Giving gifts can be seen as a sign of deep loyalty. As they offer you their prized possession of that day, take a moment to appreciate that they chose YOU to receive it. 

🐱How do we reciprocate the love our cats show us? In addition to the treats, cuddles, offering surfaces for them to scratch on, and playful entertainment, the best way to show our cats how much we love them is to be proactive about their health. The first step is to be an advocate for our cats’ health with illness prevention. We know that cats can be on the more independent side of maintenance and by paying attention to any abnormalities in behaviour, appetite and energy levels we can become proactive about our furry companions’ health. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, GVH Team 

Together, let's maintain and maximize your pet’s health... for life!

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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine / Hospital Director

Dr. Tom Honey hails from Campbellford, Ontario. His veterinary education took him to the esteemed Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, followed by several years in Toronto area practices.

Dr. Honey believes his role is to advocate for pet health, starting with illness prevention. At the same time, he is committed to developing leading edge diagnostic and treatment techniques. He engages in countless hours of continued education in dental care, diagnostic ultrasound and internal medicine. These tools help him diagnose and best treat patients suffering from health problems ranging from the common to extremely obscure.

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