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senior pets

Monthly Focus

Animals age more quickly than humans. In fact, dogs are considered seniors at age seven and cats at eight years of age!


Similar to humans, animals become more prone to a number of age-related problems as they grow older, including heart disease, kidney disease, osteoarthritis and cancer.

During the month of November, Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital is celebrating senior pets by providing a comprehensive ‘Senior Wellness Evaluation’ at a discounted fee.

This veterinary wellness package includes:

• A complete physical examination and wellness consultation with Dr. Honey or Dr. Thatcher
• A comprehensive panel of blood tests (including the blood collection)
• A complete urinalysis. The urine is collected using an ultrasound guided technique where we take urine directly from the bladder, the bladder and kidneys are also imaged and evaluated during this procedure
• A nail trim (as pets age they often do not wear their nails down as quickly)
• A follow up consultation to review the results of the blood tests and the urinalysis as well as the images of the kidneys and bladder


    These tests often will reveal disease problems in the early stages when they are most treatable. Please take advantage of this offer and help us to help you provide the best care for your furry family member!


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Be sure to enter our monthly draw! For November, we are offering a chance to win a beautiful gift basket for your pet. Drop by Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital to enter the draw. 

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