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Monthly Focus – Oral Health

Start off 2017 on a healthy path by giving your pet the gift of oral health



“Cinder had his first teeth cleaning a few weeks ago and I can’t believe the difference in our 10-year-old boy. He’s a puppy again! I hate to think of what the infection Dr. Honey found on the x-rays would have turned into if it wasn’t caught – I’m sure it would have been be very painful and not to mention costly. Oral health will always be a high priority going forward with all our critters. A big thank you to everyone at GVH for the great work you do and the care you show each and everyone of your furry patients.”
– Cindy

Just as in humans, maintaining dental health for your pet is a critical component in optimizing overall health. In fact, providing good dental care is the most effective measure we can take to improving our pets’ well being.

Did you know that 80% of dogs and cats over three years of age have dental disease? If left unchecked, dental disease will eventually progress to the point that necessitates dental cleaning and polishing. Click here to learn more about the signs and symptoms of dental disease.

The most important part of oral health is the regular care you provide for your pet at home. As is true for people, the cornerstone of this care is daily brushing. Click here for recommended brushing techniques.

During the month of February, we will provide all clients who visit us at Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital in Squamish with a free toothbrush and toothpaste and a demonstration on how to use them effectively. If appropriate for your pet, we’ll also provide a complimentary bag of a dental diet that assists in keeping teeth clean.

      In summary, your pet will receive:
      • A thorough dental health assessment
      • A free toothbrush and paste
      • A demonstration of proper pet tooth brushing techniques
    • A free bag of a dental diet, if appropriate


For February, we are also providing a 10% discount on the dental cleaning, polishing, full mouth radiographs and anaesthesia associated with comprehensive assessment and treatment of dental disease. (Pre-operative testing, IV fluids and any additional periodontal treatments or extractions would be at regular price.) Insured pets who have dental benefits will have the discount applied to the co-insurance portion of their invoice to help defray out-of-pocket expenses.

If you suspect your pet has dental health issues, or want to evaluate your pet’s oral health, call us at 604.898.9089 or book a no charge consultation online to take advantage of these opportunities.

Remember, providing oral health for your pet is one of the very best things you can do to provide for your pet’s overall wellness!

Call us 604-898-9089 or book online.






Be sure to enter our monthly draw! For February, we are offering a gift basket with a bag of t/d, some dental treats and a pet toothbrush. Drop by Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital to enter the draw. You can enter as many times as you like!

Congratulations to January’s gift basket winner, Deb Fryers!

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